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Airdrop In Cryptocurrencies

marzo 28, 2023

Crypto Airdrop

  In the field of cryptocurrencies, they are a marketing strategy usually used by new crypto companies, to promote their projects and their new token. So it implies the free distribution of the native currency to current or potential users in your wallet. The main reason is to send tokens to different wallet addresses with the hope that the recipients will be inclined to choose their currency and participate in their project.

Crypto Airdrop Operation

The operation is based on the maximum sending of small amounts of cryptocurrencies to digital wallet addresses of some users who may be potential consumers of your system. When it comes to groups or collectives of possible users, the favored ones do not necessarily have to have participated in any method to obtain the asset. Sometimes the platforms trade the tokens without requesting any repatriation, while others may request some type of shares to participate in the shipment of a new cryptoactive. Currently, the cost of the airdrop in fiat money does not equal more than five euros on average.

Ways To Get Free Cryptocurrency In An Airdrop

Generally, participation is not a complicated method: Subscription to a newsletter, Highlight the RRSS accounts of the blockchain platform.

• Establish an account or sign up to receive updates

• Share posts


Reasons to Do a Crypto Airdrop

The essential reason to organize a crypto airdrop is to boost a blockchain startup, project or service. By exposing tokens to beneficiaries, the company can jump start its project and ensure fair distribution among its community from day one. There are other reasons like:

Creation of a database. It is the essential basis of any marketing strategy that consists of obtaining lucrative information from potential customers interested in the product or service. Airdrops become a low-value prospect in which, in exchange for free tokens, a contact lead is created that can be useful in future actions.

Create awareness. With the boom in the cryptocurrency market, it is difficult to make yourself known. But with an airdrop, it is possible to promote the system and generate interest in a new release. In addition, affiliate programs related to the airdrop are established in which more money is received for inviting other users to join. So let it grow exponentially and in turn the recognition of the new cryptocurrency.

Types of Airdrops in Cryptocurrencies

There are four types of airdrops in cryptocurrencies which are:

Model. It consists of transferring a number of tokens to effective wallets without the need to execute any type of action. It is used as a momentum platform to motivate more users to buy the asset.

Of tasks. They are more frequent and are based on involving the recipient in some promotional task to receive the digital asset. Actions are requested in RRSS or on the cryptocurrency website to increase its visibility. In order to achieve a task airdrop, you may be required to fill out certain information in a form where you have to enter your virtual wallet address, along with proof that the tasks are executed.

exclusives. It is reserved for those who are loyal to a blockchain project as a form of reward.

ownership. It is one of the less common types of airdrops and is granted to users who have some amount of another cryptocurrency in their wallets. Typically, the crypto project takes a snapshot of the crypto coexistences on a certain date and then allows individuals to claim an airdrop based on their ownership at that time.

Purses. It is an airdrop strategy and is based on granting tokens to those who install or use certain types of wallets. The intention is to attract as many people as possible to this type of wallet and thus increase its community and its profits.