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Most Important Guys of Cryptocurrencies

marzo 28, 2023


Since 2009 there was a starting point with the types of cryptocurrencies, and from that date more Guys of digital money are added every day added every day. Today there are more than three thousand types of digital currencies on the cryptocurrency market. To make the decision to invest in cryptocurrencies it is necessary to know which are the most important cryptocurrencies. Keep reading this post, and find out which are the most outstanding digital currencies. Find out about the most important types of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Some Major Guys of Cryptocurrencies

Are: Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum, EtherETH, Dogecoin DOGE, Cardano ADA, Litecoin LTC, Binance Coin BNB, Polkadot DOT, Ripple XRP, BitBay, Stellar XLM, Bitcoin cash BCH, Chainlink LINK, IOTA MIOTA, Monero, NEO, TetherUSDT, Tezos XTZ,THETA

• Uniswap UNI


Bitcoin BTC

It is created 14 years ago, by someone nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto and uses Blockchain technology. Its purpose was to be used as a payment system that is not disturbed by government supervision, transfer delays or transaction costs. Today, Bitcoin is essentially used as a form of investment. It is considered the most prominent cryptocurrency by experts.

Ethereum, Ether Eth

After Bitcoin, it is the currency with the largest market capitalization among the various types of digital money. His team lets him create blockchain-focused apps, as well as his own personal tokens. The Ether is in charge of supplying the fuel required to process the disintegrated apps of the network. Ether emissions are limited to 18 million per year, that is, 25% of the initial supply. And, the transaction values are assumptions focused on its complexity, bandwidth and storage.


Guys Dogecoin DOGE

It is created in a reformed Bitcoin token with the intention of reaching more people than BTC itself. Today, there are 128.2 billion DOGEs in transit on the market, and each coin is divided into 100,000,000 decimal places. The advantage is that it is cheap, one coin costs only $0.05037.

Cardano ADA

ADA can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, and is used as a secure exchange of value, without a third-party intermediary. Holders hold shares in the Cardano network.

Type Litecoin LTC

It’s a peer-to-peer open-crypto money. So the Litecoin source build is public and whoever wants can access it. It is a global open source payment network, fully decentralized and a system of transactions without administrators. LTC is a cryptocurrency focused on allowing instant payments. In addition, it is competent to ensure transparency.

Binance Coin Bnb

It is a cryptocurrency expressed by the world’s largest exchange, Binance. Initially, it was used as a profit token anchored with the operation of the exchange. Although it is currently a full-fledged form of payment.

Polkadot D.O.T.

It is a blockchain project that aims to respond to problems focused on communication inaccuracies between various chains. Its way of operating is the chain of blocks that limits the probability of external interference. Polkadot processes different transactions for different blockchains together.

Ripple Xrp

It is one of the largest and most recognized cryptocurrencies in the world and is traded on hundreds of diverse crypto exchanges globally. It is also a payment network for banking institutions with the purpose of making international payment transactions between them more efficient and profitable.

Tezos XTZ

Let any individual who owns your cryptocurrency called XTZ vote on possible changes to your rules. And once a decision is made, the software will automatically refresh to ensure the changes take place. Using this system, Tezos sought to minimize the chances of splitting its blockchain by establishing two separate cryptocurrencies with two different prices using a self-regulating blockchain.


Consists of reduced end-to-end disseminated infrastructure for video broadcasting and transmission. It focuses on the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC20 token standard. It also aims to solve the current problem of video transmissions: their poor quality.