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Health Insurance Market in the US

marzo 28, 2023


The Law of Health Care at very low costs, allows collaborating with families and individuals to have health insurance without affecting their monthly income or medical history. The Health Insurance Market, allows you to find out and compare insurances that provide medical, dental and vision coverage. It also provides discounts on medicines and hospital services, among others.

Requirements to Register

Everyone can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to study their health coverage expectations, even if they already have insurance. Among the requirements to buy insurance through the market are: Reside in the United States.

• Be a US citizen by birth, naturalized, a permanent resident with a green card or be lawfully present in the US.

• Not having received any cases of incarceration


Registration Dates for Health Insurance

The open registration window is given by a limited window. Although after the registration cycle, there is the possibility of acquiring a plan in the case of qualifying for a special registration cycle.

Ways to Sign Up for the Health Insurance Marketplace

To register you have different ways. So the first is to create an account online at the portal. Then you download, print and complete the form in Spanish. The form can be downloaded in Adobe Reader, and that way, you can ask for insurance and send it by postal mail.

General information

For more information you can dial the number 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) or you can go in person to a local assistance center.