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Most Recommended Car Insurance in the US

marzo 28, 2023


Currently hundreds of Latin Americans and Spaniards settle in the US, the land of opportunities. Therefore, it is suggested that people should be aware of the most prominent vehicle insurance in the country. Many decades have passed and hundreds of Mexicans and Cubans decided to emigrate, which produced growth for the United States because it allowed the expansion of the Spanish language. Therefore, vehicle insurance offers grew, because migrants have become number one customers in the country. Keep reading the post, and discover everything about car insurance in the United States.

Insurance coverage in the US

Each state sets its own regulations regarding the need to have insurance. Therefore, in certain areas of the country it is not mandatory. The coverage usually has to cover the physical injuries of those affected and damages to third parties.

Best Vehicle Insurance in the United States

Are: NJM, Travelers, Farmers, Amica Mutual, The Hanover, Allstate, Shelter, Erie Insurance.

• Progressive


•American Family, Nationwide Car.

• State Farm

• Geico


It runs in three states: Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It previously catered to proven groups, but in 2018 they lifted the restrictions.


It offers a wide range of opportunities to make insurance to suit you. It is one of the largest companies in the US, which means a guarantee of an extensive service network nationwide.


It is another big one on the market and provides a good variety of possibilities to customize the policy. They provide lots of discounts.


Amica Mutual

It offers a Platinum coverage plan that allows you not to have to worry about any eventuality.


It has a presence in 27 states to enjoy the services of a company, with disclosure. They take care of hundreds of details and have created an insurance network for homes, cars, and small and medium-sized businesses that achieve customer loyalty.


Their satisfaction ratings are lower than their peers, which means they have no complaints and provide an extremely generous range of coverage, including first-accident forgiveness, replacement car and a six-monthly good driving bonus.

Liberty Mutual

They offer a wide variety of coverage, great discounts and have become known for the digitization of their services: their digital tools are powerful for improving customer relations.


The company was created in Missouri provides insurance in almost half the country. In addition to the policy, they offer you replacement cars, coverage for temporary disabling injuries, for fatal accidents, and covers the difference in cost if the accident coverage covers the total value that you owe on your car after it is totaled.

Nationwide Car

It offers a very good price/service ratio. Like other companies, they don’t care if you have traffic tickets on your record. Through an application you can process most of the things.


It is a company that provides very competitive prices and an excellent response to customer complaints. In the case of having a history of accidents, you will also feel comfortable. The services they provide and coverage are very complete, generating a lot of satisfaction among customers. In your app you can process the entire policy.