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Types of Car Insurance in the United States

marzo 28, 2023
United States


In the US there are 6 types of vehicle insurance. So you must know precisely what they are, and what type of coverage they offer, so you can insure your car by calculating the limits that you can have in each of the states of the USA.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

All US states require civil liability insurance for material and physical damage. Although the State of Florida only requires it for protection against property damage. There are a large number of states that require uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance. Among the types of insurance are: Civil liability, All risk, Against crashes or collision insurance, Full cover or total coverage.

• For drivers without insurance

• PIP Personal Injury Insurance

Civil Liability

It is the insurance required by law that protects you from lawsuits and expenses in events against third parties. The coverage cancels the expenses of individuals who have been injured in an accident, but it does not cancel for your own expenses or the damage to your car. Civil liability insurance includes coverage for property damage and personal injury.

Comprehensive insurance

It protects you from various accidents to a crash that can damage your car such as a fire, hurricane, a hail storm among others. It also replaces or cancels to replace your vehicle in case it is stolen.

United States

Collision Or Collision Insurance

It protects you from crashes into other drivers regardless of who was at fault in the collision. It also protects you from crashes against objects such as trees or animals. The insurance will answer the repair or replace it if it is a total loss less the cost of its depreciation price in the market.

Full Cover Or Total Coverage

It is a policy that you can customize with different types of additional insurance. You can include roadside assistance and uninsured motorist coverage for a little more money in your monthly premium.

Uninsured Drivers

It is the coverage that protects you against drivers who do not have insurance or their policy does not cover all the expenses of an accident. Most drivers have the minimum coverage, so it may be inefficient to pay your expenses if you get hit and your car ends up badly damaged.

PIP Personal Injury Insurance

It covers the expenses of the driver and passengers and other individuals who may suffer in an accident. The coverage limit is slightly higher than liability insurance. It is very useful when you live in states with a high population density and cars and medical expenses are expensive.

Other Insurance

Extra O Umbrella

It is an additional coverage to your car insurance and all other insurance you may have that covers you when repairs or medical bills are so expensive that your other coverages cannot cover.


It covers you when your car is a total loss and cancels the difference between the cost of the car and the missing value of the loan.

Temporary Insurance

It covers the insurance and temporarily protects you when you drive a car that is not yours, such as when you drive the car of your boss, a friend or neighbor.


To evaluate car insurance quotes in the United States, you can call 800-401-8896 or go to an office closest to your home.